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Week 3 Discussion - things that are weaker to die out over...

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Week 3 Discussion Antibiotics are medicines doctors give to us when we are sick. When our illness is caused by bacteria in our bodies, the antibiotics will help to kill and get rid of them. We should only take antibiotics and use things like antibacterial soap when we absolutely need to because if we use these things too often, the bacteria will become resistant to them and our medicine and soaps will no longer kill them. When bacteria become resistant to our antibiotics and soaps what they are actually doing is evolving. It is an example of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. This occurs when only those living things that are the strongest and the most capable of survival will be able to withstand the medicines and soaps. This will in turns lead to those living
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Unformatted text preview: things that are weaker to die out over time and leave only the strongest behind. These stronger bacteria will then reproduce more quickly which will lead us to have to create stronger antibiotics and antibacterial solutions in order to combat them. The bacteria are basically showing the survival of the fittest. This will impact us in that maybe one day the bacteria that have evolved will be stronger than any antibiotic we can create. This will be our fault because without creating these drugs in the first place, the bacteria would not have been forced to have to evolve to overcome them....
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