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Some changes in allelic frequencies that are occurring now may be due to our growing diversity. With many different cultures of people bringing many different traits together in the United States, this may cause changes in allelic frequencies. For example, if a Chinese man immigrates to the United States and marries and has children with an African American, the children may have different alleles for skin color, hair color, etc. This would then cause this different allele pattern to be passed on to the children’s children and so forth until maybe it becomes as common as ones we already have. Natural selection affects human evolution differently from other species in that, as humans, we generally choose a mate based on things we find attractive. This is not to say that other species do not do this
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Unformatted text preview: as well. Other species like the laughing frogs or lions will choose a mate that will produce the best offspring based on size and strength and ability to survive. The traits that other species look for in a mate to pass on to their offspring are the ones that will allow the offspring to be stronger and more capable of survival. In humans, we look for variations that are more pleasing to the eye, generally. We tend to not want to breed with other humans who have less desirable variations or traits. This will ultimately lead to these variation to no longer exist. In short, the natural selection in other species will make them more likely to survive; whereas natural selection in humans is preference of one trait over the other....
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