Constantine Puzzle Clues & Answers

Constantine Puzzle Clues & Answers - 8. He organized the...

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Clues: 1. Constantine rebuilt this city. 2. Constantine the Great’s father 3. He saw this symbol in a vision. 4. He lived during this time period. 5. He legalized and strongly supported this religion. 6. Constantine renamed the city of Byzantium ________________ after himself. 7. Constantine’s major rival
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Unformatted text preview: 8. He organized the _____________ Church. 9. Constantines mother 10. When his father died, Constantine became ___________. Answers: 1. Byzantium 2. Constantius 3. Cross 4. Roman Empire 5. Christianity 6. Constantinople 7. Maxentius 8. Catholic 9. Helena 10. Emperor...
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