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Unformatted text preview: Incan Empire Facts Geographic Location : a large portion of western South America, centered on the Andean mountain ranges, including large parts of modern-day Peru, Ecuador, south central Bolivia, northwest Argentina, northern Chile, and southern Colombia Capital City : see journal for more info. on Incan capital of Cuzco Form of Govt : a federalist system which consisted of a central govt. and 4 provinces; the 4 corners of these provinces met at the center, Cuzco (the capital city); each province had a governor who oversaw local officials; local officials kept track of each familys contribution to the mita (mandatory labor tribute) Economy : mostly agrarian society; diet consisted of primarily potatoes and grains, supplemented by vegetables, nuts, and maize (corn); llama, alpaca, and guinea pigs also eaten occasionally; the Incan road system was a key to farming success as it...
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