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Socrates - partially believe this because we may observe...

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Esteban Peralta 10-22-08 WHH 6 Socrates Socrates This Greek individual by the name of Socrates was an important philosopher and teacher. He lived in Athens; hence he was Athenian. Since he was a philosopher, his area of expertise was thinking, of course. Specifically, he asked questions about people and how they think. He is also known for the success of the people that he taught, like Plato, a younger philosopher. However, not much is known about Socrates’ life. Most of what we know about his ideas comes from Plato’s writings. I think that Socrates’ major long-term accomplishment is that he is sometimes called the “father of Western philosophy.” This is because he made people think that he was very wise through his very profound thinking and generation of useful ideas. We can
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Unformatted text preview: partially believe this because we may observe Plato’s accomplishments and infer that they were due to good education on Socrates’ part. Another significant contribution of Socrates is what came to be known as the Socratic Method. The Socratic Method is basically answering questions with other deeper questions. The answering of the deeper questions creates a greater understanding of the original subject. This became a new way of finding new ideas. Socrates is believed to be the first to develop this “method.” The use of it is mostly seen in the Scientific Method—recall question, hypothesis, conclusion, etc.— which relies on the same principles that Socrates used. All in all, Socrates helped people understand things in a more efficient way....
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