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WWII Journal - British got a hold of an Enigma No wonder...

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Esteban Peralta 5-19-09 WHH 6 WWII Journal May 10, 1941 End of Battle of Britain Darn these British!!! I invoke evil upon my detestable adversaries, these Englishmen. I abhor Winston Churchill and hate his guts! If only I could get a hold of him... May Britain be condemned by Germany to the ends of the Earth! Why couldn't my Luftwaffe just go into accursed Britain and annihilate the Royal Air Force? If I recall correctly, I bombed London in September. Destroyed it! Left it in pieces! Rubble and scraps! And now it is already May and today I was forced to call off my attacks. I was absolutely stunned by the British resistance! They just wouldn't waver a bit. I don't know how in the world they held up against my force. As a matter of fact, they were completely outnumbered. It just looks like Mr. Churchill and the RAF refused to surrender, no matter how much we raided them. Also, I just heard from a spy I sent that the
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Unformatted text preview: British got a hold of an Enigma. No wonder they were able to figure out our secret messages and master strategies. They were just decoding them instantly with this machine. Of course, with the information gathered from this device, they were able to quickly launch attacks on us. But this is not all! Another spy informed me of English use of a “radar.” Supposedly, it is an electronic tracking system that determines the number, speed, and direction of incoming warplanes, according to him. The British are much more cunning than I thought. Nonetheless, I shall seek retribution and be victorious soon! Now that Britain is weakened, I intend to come back soon and retaliate. But for now, I will put off the stubborn British. They will be dealt with later. At this moment, I must turn my attention east to the Mediterranean area and the Balkans. My ultimate goal-- the Soviet Union. A. Hitler...
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