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artwork ltr 11-05 - Nov 7, 2005-11-07 Dear Ms. Hawk: This...

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Nov 7, 2005-11-07 Dear Ms. Hawk: This note is in reference to the Art to Remember Program that RA has participated in for the last few years. I have heard similar comments from others on this subject, but perhaps some will not be as bold as I am, in writing against the practices of this year’s Art to Remember program. I am writing to let you know that I am disappointed at the way the company changed its marketing approach. In the past, children that did not buy additional items received a miniature magnet version of their artwork. I am not complaining about the lack of the free item this year. This year a 4”x6” (approx.) magnet was included in the packet as a sample for purchase –I will explain why I am bothered by this. Some families are not able purchase ANY of the products for sale. That is ok; we all know our individual budgets and priorities. However, enticing children with their own work, when they are unable to buy it, just does not seem proper. My children understood why we would not buy additional items, but the conversation led to many questions.
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