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Personal Choice Essay Have you ever had to make some kind of choice in life, whether big or small, that resulted in something good, or maybe it was something not too good. I’m sure you’ve made many choices. But of the many decisions you make, all of them have some kind of outcome. One time, I had to make a little choice that resulted in something really bad. I was at my house in my backyard. At the time I was about seven years old. My cousins had come over to play. They usually came over every weekend. We were riding our bikes, playing hide-and-go-seek, and running around. While we were playing, my parents had left to run errands. Now, my younger cousin, – he was one year younger – Sebastian, was playing on the swings. He was swinging on and jumping off the swings. He tried to persuade me to try it. Sebi (his nickname) said that it’s fun and easy. He also said that I wouldn’t get hurt if I jumped off. I was afraid of getting injured. However, I wasn’t going to let a six year old
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