51L Report Guidelines for Students

51L Report Guidelines for Students - Chem 51L Lab Reports...

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51LA 1 Rev 9/15/10 Chem 51L Lab Reports TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOUR LAB SECTION IN YOUR LAB NOTEBOOK 1. Title: The title for an experiment should be short but descriptive so that you can easily recognize which experiment it is. 2 . Date and Lab Partners : The actual date that an experiment was performed as well as the names of other students with whom you were working should be recorded. If you don’t know whom you are working with in advance, you should add your lab partners’ names at the beginning of the experiment. 3 . Purpose: Every experiment has a purpose! This section should be a brief (but more than one sentence) description of the reason that the experiment is being performed and what methods or techniques will be used. “Because it’s on the lab schedule” is NOT an appropriate purpose for an experiment. Instead, think about what the goals of the experiment are. Will you be separating the components of a mixture of compounds? By what method will you achieve separation? Are you discovering the identity of an unknown compound? What techniques can be used to identify the compound? If there are multiple parts to an experiment, they should all be included here. The clarity of this section will indicate to your TA how well you understand what you will be doing and why you will be doing it. 4. Reactions: If the experiment includes synthesis, the pertinent balanced chemical equation (using structures) should be written here. This section may be omitted when synthesis is not part of the experiment. 5. Table of Chemicals (Including Physical Data): A table of all chemicals used in the experiment along with their physical properties (molecular mass, melting point, boiling point, and density) and any safety precautions for those chemicals should appear here. This table should also include the moles (or millimoles) and quantities (mass or volume) of each chemical to be used in the experiment. These calculations must be performed as part of your pre-lab preparation. 6. Procedure : Outline the procedure for the experiment here, including any changes indicate in the handout for the experiment. This section should be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS and in a format that you can easily follow when necessary in the laboratory. You should NOT copy the procedure word for word from
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51L Report Guidelines for Students - Chem 51L Lab Reports...

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