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311-03examhelp - Intermediate Accounting I Exam#2 Format...

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Intermediate Accounting I Exam #2 Format Fall 2003 The second exam covers chapters 4, 5, and 7 (through the portion on bad debts) will be given on Wednesday, October 22. The tentative format of the exam is as follows: Comp. MC Non-comp. MC SA and Problems Total Chapter 4 4 7.5 20 31.5 Chapter 5 6 10.5 12 28.5 Chapter 7 6 12 18 Total 16 30 31 78 There are 8 multiple choice questions involving computations (2 points each) There are 20 multiple choice questions that do not involve computations (1.5 points each). The short-answer and problems portion of the exam includes: Discontinued operations; be able to calculate the income or loss on discontinued operations under any possible scenario (11 points) Classification of cash flows; similar to exercise 4-13 (9 points) Journal entries related to the percentage-of-completion method; similar to lecture guide example 2 in chapter 5 (11 points)
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Intermediate Accounting I
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