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METU Department of Aerospace Engineering A8231 THERMODYNAMICS Quiz No. 9 (on Ch. 10) -foLuT rqu Name : Signature : 5 December 2007 HzO enters a turbine as superheated vapor at 6 MPa, 800oC and exits as saturated vapor at 15 kPa. The surroundings are at 20"C, and the turbine has a heat loss of 50 kJ/kg . Explain how you would determine the actual work and the reversible work (both per unit mass) for this process (if you had tables). K s+a{<- @ ?.=u *,-g * t i (*"*.o\<A
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Unformatted text preview: *^go. ) J t ;"= h, a{ po= '-" G Se=Sg *+ P.*u t J'{ (ttj to*) cr,c-tua-0, qrocess \*1__ 1_.^l +\; _he_=-O (+l) (^) = 1- \; -\e = ''/-sysken : !l-o (s.a 4y'.a\ (+ t) Assrrnc r o skady-s\q{e {tow (+f ) . .neg\'i9,[\c F*,fa (r* t*.) 1- L,J (zd t".r) {s*n = € (b,;-\e'\ - T' (t*- - so\ : '/ ss"^=O Gs { s"+ I onl 0"J = h)'t* (prts q (om. eq! [a'w ;"f 1- 6{o \s: \o' (u,, -\J'- T" ( +hi -hs= + se-T" 1("W*') h"-: - (*D s ; z t l...
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