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Goliber.Hadewijch for PP - 2 Love and its Suffering-To be...

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Hadewijch Background -Minimal biographical information; all we know is what historians have been able to deduce from her writings -From the Noble Class (fits into what Tony said about drawing members from the wealthier classes) Importance/Relevance -Offers us the greatest example of Beguine spirituality in its mystical form -Stressed the Beguine belief that the individual human soul could be directly united to God… (also a characteristic of mysticism) -Connected the Human Soul to God using love- -Love was the way to divine union between God and one’s soul Two Ways 1. Virtues to Show Love for Others We are connected to God due to the fact that we are made in his image…This makes are virtues of noble/righteous beginnings…We use these virtues to show our love for others…By doing so, we are sharing the love and life of God amongst all
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Love and its Suffering-To be connected to God, we must suffer as he did in the form of Jesus…this could be done through love, for truly loving someone is giving up one’s own interests to help another; through this casting away of all things in one’s own interest, suffering will result Connection *These two create a love so deep, that by loving so deeply, one is allowing God to love through them, thus connecting God with one’s soul Titles of Poems…. . 1. Love Has Seven Names…(Don’t really know) 2. Love Has Subjugated Me…(shows the suffering endured b/c of love) 3. Love’s Constancy…(Love is unchanging, no matter what it is always good) 4. The Madness of Love…(shows how love makes everything better)...
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Goliber.Hadewijch for PP - 2 Love and its Suffering-To be...

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