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class canceled - com120 hw

class canceled - com120 hw - Maryam Khan COM 120.4401 26th...

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Maryam Khan COM 120.4401 26 th January 2010 Chapter 3: Discussion Questions 1. I believe that they are certain disadvantages to comparing yourself. Comparing can lead to lower self-esteem and the feeling of discontent which eventually causes people to have some level of depression. People have this urge to fit in or always be better than the ones around them; this is what arouses the competition and the pursuit for happiness. People never seem to be content with their lifestyle and they continue to strive and be greedy to attain this fictional life that they perceive as the “perfect life”. However it can have advantages if it promotes people to become a better person, or to pursue a better career, lifestyle, education in a healthy way. 2. Self-esteem is one of the key ingredients in becoming successful. I think having self-esteem makes you a stronger person which means that you are capable of handling whatever life throws at you. I think self-esteem is a character that is desirable and admired by people. It improves academic performance; it has
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