Bernkart and Bowie

Bernkart and Bowie - Large Instutions are part of our lives...

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Business Ethics Test 2 Review Bernkart Main Difference Keep Private out of Public (Friedman –Keep Public out of Private) Relies on Civic Republicanism – public sphere shapes people (Acient Greece) His General Concern The Public Sphere is Weak in sense that we let corporations dictate our private life Corporation should be kept out Relations in Coprorate Vs Government Government – can provide continuous welfare Corporation – no guarantee that they will continue to give you support Way Decisions Are Made Government – shared set of values of a society Corporation – no comprehensive view; only one executive’s values Charity Government: answerable, commit Corporation: Loyalty Coercion Because of business in the public sphere, reinforced realm of coercion (Friedman) Bernkart believes that civic republicanism is the reason Other Comments Loyalty is to whoever contributes more to your life (Citgo Gas > lose trust to Government)
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Unformatted text preview: Large Instutions are part of our lives Don’’t know what business is Just want to develop a consistent position (confusions are big problem) Bowie Carl Levitt • Bluffing is just the game (Company A) Friedman (B) Freeman (C) Main Difference • Paradoxical argument that if business wants to make most money, act completely ethically (If you actually try to get profits, you will make less) U.S.A. Permanent Advantage • Quality workforce • Who is going to pay for it? Not Government, but Corporations because its structure permits it to think in long term Social Responsibilities of Business to Stakeholders • More influence • Power • Reciprocal Consumers • Doing more for community Ethical Pluralism • Planned Parenthood Donation • Gives Procedural Solution: o Certain amount let stockholders decide o Community give money o Employees matching donations...
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Bernkart and Bowie - Large Instutions are part of our lives...

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