Unit 2lecture - the cool trocks travel sideways, causing...

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Geosciences 10 Video Lecture Death Valley is getting wider a pull apart fault the block drops down continues down to the Gulf of California Baja Mexico driven apart by these faults the gulf of California is getting wider Mid-Ocean Spreading Ridges spreading behavior on the seafloor center is arched up like seams on a baseball puzzle pieces=”plates” Ring of Fire = volcanoes in the Atlantic Heat The vibration of atoms -273 → no vibration (absolute zero) Moving Heat move it around to get other atoms to vibrate more 1. Radiation 2. Conduction 3. Convection Heat (con't) hot things are less dense mix less dense and more dense things together, the less-dense will rise heated rocks deep inside the earth rise, cool at the surface, and then sink down Convection Cell Inside the Earthquake Convection Drives Plate Tectonics rising rocks push aside the cool rocks
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Unformatted text preview: the cool trocks travel sideways, causing interaction Where is the heat from? Radioactive decay atoms are stable but sometimes break apart release heat (atom bomb) some left from original formation of the planet Yellowstone huge volcanic caldera, crater left after eruption Earthquakes San Andreas Fault different sides are trying to move but not far so things bend and it snaps and they are displaced not just at the earthquake but it can be far away Earthquake Energy Travel fault slips, the rocks nearby get deformed, deform next bit of rock grab a rope and shake it p-wave speaking s-wave football game (side to side) Seismic Energy other side of planet only p waves, but zone where there aren't any s-waves, hits outer core but then gets soaked up right through the earth to the other side...
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Unit 2lecture - the cool trocks travel sideways, causing...

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