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National Parks Lecture – UNIT 1 Invention of United State First was Yellowstone, which is famous for its geysers Bison could not have survived without Yellowstone Hot Spring mats below geysers that have chemicals that benefit biotechnology Northeast Greenland National Park largest national park ice sheets melt and flood the coast glaciers shrinking fumars have glands that it can drink seawater musk ox What is Science? 1 st . Find something interesting 2 nd . What do we know about it
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Unformatted text preview: 3 rd . Look for New Idea 4 th . Test idea Find a situation in which the new idea predicts something that replaces the old prediction 5 th . Evaluate If it repeatedly fails throw it away If it succeeds possibility it is the pright prediction, most likely its close, lucky Science is building by testing things vs nature Works with engineering Allows communication most reliable scientific literature...
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