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Journal club: New viral and cellular targets for inFuenza drugs Articles to be analyzed: one article per students pair 1) Carette, J.E., Guimaraes, C.P., Varadarajan, M., Park, A.S., Wuethrich, I., Godarova, A., Kotecki, M., Cochran, B.H., Spooner, E., Ploegh, H.L., et al. (2009). Haploid genetic screens in human cells identify host factors used by pathogens. Science 326, 1231-1235. 2) Hao, L., Sakurai, A., Watanabe, T., Sorensen, E., Nidom, C.A., Newton, M.A., Ahlquist, P., and Kawaoka, Y. (2008). Drosophila RNAi screen identiFes host genes important for in±uenza virus replication. Nature 454, 890-893. 3) Kao, R.Y., Yang, D., Lau, L.S., Tsui, W.H., Hu, L., Dai, J., Chan, M.P., Chan, C.M., Wang, P., Zheng, B.J., et al. (2010). IdentiFcation of in±uenza A nucleoprotein as an antiviral target. Nat Biotechnol 28, 600-605. 4) Karlas, A., Machuy, N., Shin, Y., Pleissner, K.P., Artarini, A., Heuer, D., Becker, D., Khalil, H., Ogilvie, L.A., Hess, S., et al. (2010). Genome-wide RNAi screen identiFes human host
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Unformatted text preview: factors crucial for in±uenza virus replication. Nature 463, 818-822. 5) Konig, R., Stertz, S., Zhou, Y., Inoue, A., Hoffmann, H.H., Bhattacharyya, S., Alamares, J.G., Tscherne, D.M., Ortigoza, M.B., Liang, Y., et al. (2010). Human host factors required for in±uenza virus replication. Nature 463, 813-817. 6) Shapira, S.D., Gat-Viks, I., Shum, B.O., Dricot, A., de Grace, M.M., Wu, L., Gupta, P.B., Hao, T., Silver, S.J., Root, D.E., et al. (2009). A physical and regulatory map of host-in±uenza interactions reveals pathways in H1N1 infection. Cell 139, 1255-1267. Useful review articles: 1) Min, J.Y., and Subbarao, K. (2010). Cellular targets for in±uenza drugs. Nat Biotechnol 28, 239-240. 2) Watanabe, T., Watanabe, S., and Kawaoka, Y. (2010). Cellular networks involved in the in±uenza virus life cycle. Cell Host Microbe 7, 427-439. 7th HKU-Pasteur Virology Course...
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