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Jew Log Week 10

Jew Log Week 10 - These two goals together satisfy any...

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Jordan Spitzer Week 7.5 While we all have numerous goals in life, some are far more important than others are. However, for many people, the ultimate goal in life is somehow to change the world for the better, no matter how large or how small. This could mean anything from creating world peace to inventing a pen-thermometer (a writing utensil that also measures the atmospheric temperature) to even posting a mildly entertaining video on the internet. I believe this goal to be the most important one as well. Also, there is the option of the ultimate goal being to die with dignity. So, as long as you have some form of dignity, whether it is taking a bullet to save your family or just the event of not being in comatose, you can die with dignity. This is an important goal, and while it may not be as important as making a difference, it is still of great importance.
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Unformatted text preview: These two goals, together, satisfy any higher or spiritual needs that any man would need to have. If you only have one or two goals in life, you might as well make them the central focus of your life, because if you do not make those goals the central focus, then you may never achieve them in life. Then you will have nothing, because those would have been your most important goals, and anything else you achieve will seem like a waste of time. Most people, once they realize these goals and recognize them as their ultimate goals, start thinking about achieving them right away. As I agree with this, there are numerous life changes many others and I would make in order to achieve these goals. While achieving these goals may seem distant, far away, and unlikely, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish whatever you want....
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