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Jordan Spitzer Week 7.5 While Torah may have intended to be the guiding force to all that is holy and existent in our lives, modern standards will attest to the fact that this is an outdated principle that does not apply to present day conditions in most areas of the world. Torah is holy, and all people of the Jewish faith should understand and study this idea. But to be important enough to sanctify and influence all that we do in our lives, I believe, is quite excessive, and no good could come from this action of overstating and even misinterpreting the meaning of the Torah for daily life and practice. So, this may seem like a beautiful and peaceful and extraordinary ideal, but it is not one that we should strive to realize and take into practice. Just with all of the advances in technology alone, the Torah is unbelievably
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Unformatted text preview: outdated, not even considering all of the cultural and social changes around the world and especially in Jewish life. However, for the most part, a healthy balance has been reached with the Jewish laws in the Torah and Jewish life today. For example, on the Sabbath, work of any kind is forbidden. This could include starting a car, using a microwave, or even pushing a stroller. But without pushing a stroller, how could mothers bring their very young children to temple on Saturday morning? Well, today, many synagogues will put up an eruv , which allows strollers to be pushed within the community. So, while much of Torah is outdated and irrelevant, portions of it can be taken to truth and worshipped....
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