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Jordan Spitzer Week 9 The practice of “shomer negiah” is quite the easy one, since it requires us to refrain from doing an action that may be desired, rather than to carry out an action that may be undesired. If one were to stay in bed all day or all week, one would be practicing “shomer negiah,” without even noticing that one is doing anything at all. The art of not touching and not being touched has very little effect, I believe. It should not make a difference if one person touches another in order to maintain some kind of connection. A man’s connection to a woman or a woman’s connection to a man should theoretically be the same if they make physical contact or not. The physical contact is just a side benefit or addition to the
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Unformatted text preview: connection that already exists; it should not be a determining factor. Hypothetically, say you have two people, a man and a woman; one lives in New York, the other lives in Tokyo. New York and Tokyo are literally half a world away; they are on opposite sides of the world. So, if they were to have some kind of connection, a physical connection would not be included in this. People have long distance relationships all the time, but physical contact is rarely involved in these relationships. So, while touch may seem important, “shomer negiah” is practiced every day with tons of people around the world, who live far away from their family and friends, and cannot possibly have physical relationships....
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