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Jew Log Week 7 - However Leon has similar tastes to Horse...

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Jordan Spitzer Week 7 There is nothing that we can do to make people stop hating Jews. There is nothing we can do about that. However, Jews also tend to hate other people, as retaliation for those other people hating Jews. One way in this occurs is in the field of intermarriage between a man or woman who is of Jewish heritage and a man or woman who is of non-Jewish heritage. Jewish law, by common practice, does not allow intermarriage. However, if a Jewish man or woman does not oppose intermarriage, as it is more of a matter of opinion than a matter of morality. Ethically, however, this issue is quite complex. Let’s take four bachelors / bachelorettes: Leon, Drew, Hannah, and Horse. Leon and Hannah are Jews, whereas Drew and Horse are not.
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Unformatted text preview: However, Leon has similar tastes to Horse, and Drew has similar tastes to Hannah. Is it better for the two Jews and the two non-Jews to marry each other over the intermarriage pairs, even though they have nothing in common? What were to happen if both marriages end up in divorce, and the parents gain split custody of the children, destroying the family? However, there is also the ethical dilemma of the history of Jews and non-Jews. Whenever a people has had a problem with Jews, the solution has always been a mass exile or extermination of some kind. So, what if that was to repeat itself in the course of mass intermarriages? Therefore, the choice of intermarriage should only be up to the individual, as it is a very complex issue....
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