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Jordan Spitzer Week 6 There is a great understated importance in saying or reciting a blessing before each meal or period of food consumption. I am not going to lie, I did not do the exercise, reciting any blessing before a meal or a snack, but I do see the importance of doing so. Miles and miles and miles and miles and miles of traveling on New York State Route 17 (NY-17), also known as the Southern Tier Expressway or “Future I-86,” one might get hungry along the long journey from New York City to Binghamton or Elmira or Ithaca or even to the Pennsylvania border, not far from the Ohio border. And on the long and tiresome journey, it would seem quite meaningless to grab a sub or some chips or some kosher pickles without
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Unformatted text preview: properly saying a blessing before consumption. The food (kosher food only, of course), in itself, is like a being, and within that being, whatever shape or form it may have, is a heart of Judaism, in which there holds a need to be blessed and treated like a meaningful part of a Jew’s food intake. Why is this though? There are an infinite number of explanations that one could use to rationalize saying the blessing over the food. However, possibly one of the most logical explanations for this event would be the connection and closeness of the food to God himself. It is almost as if you are eating a part of God. And, of course, if you are to eat a part of God, you have to say a blessing....
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