Son Of Sam Ba 2 - Grandson Of Samba Land

Son Of Sam Ba 2 - Grandson Of Samba Land - Jordan Spitzer...

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Jordan Spitzer COML 1109 Son Of Samba How is Cuba different from Brazil? Brazil is large, and Cuba is small. Cuba is an island, and Brazil is mainland. Americans can legally travel to Brazil, yet no American can visit Cuba without special permission. While these two nations are different in many ways, there is one way in which they have striking similarities. Brazil, home of the samba , and Cuba, home of the son , both had similar experiences with the nationalization of their respective rhythms. However, they also both had many different experiences with nationalization. While they did occur in different periods, that is not an issue, for history has a way of repeating itself at alternate locales. The similarities and differences that exist, however, are mainly based on a few key causes. As with many styles of music, many changes are brought about as a result of its nationalization. Both samba and son changed in many ways, some of which are strikingly similar, and some of which are greatly different. In this essay, I examine a number of factors and general concepts indicating similarities and differences in the ways that Brazil nationalized the samba and the ways that Cuba nationalized the son , including the radio industry, intervention of the government, outside influences, and exoticism. The radio industry in both Cuba and Brazil contributed to the nationalizations of son and samba . In Cuba, while radio may not have been the largest contributor to nationalization,
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playing of the son on the Cuban radio waves certainly benefited it, and played a minor role in its nationalization. Of course, after the Revolution, this aspect of culture would no longer matter, because national censorship would have a negative effect on the radio industry, but having at least some radio exposure before was good for nationalization (Leymarie, 32). For the
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Son Of Sam Ba 2 - Grandson Of Samba Land - Jordan Spitzer...

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