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Jew Log Week 4 - Even as a Jew I believe that the existence...

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Jordan Spitzer Week 4 The question of God’s existence is a simple yes-or-no question of balance, which the Jewish people can explore in many different ways, and of course, there are only three possible answers. But in all seriousness, one must think, if God does exist, would he not make all of the people of the world live in a perfect world? Or would he make a select few, possibly those who do not believe in doing good unto others or just do not believe in God himself, suffer intensely? Or does he exist in a way that is passive, in that he does not directly affect people on earth? Or, does he not exist at all, and everything in the world is caused by science? And then, of course, there is the Torah. Is it possible that one (Torah or God) exists and not the other?
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Unformatted text preview: Even as a Jew, I believe that the existence of God is improbable, and that the Torah was written by man, as if God does not exist, then who gave the Torah to Moses? Possibly Moses himself? Or possibly a mountain man? Artisan, perhaps? Any way it is, man can write, and the idea that man wrote the Torah, I believe, is highly probable. Even before this class, I still felt this way about the Torah and God’s existence, but even so, if the Torah is written by man, it does not make the publication any less true or accurate. In fact, being written by man could actually be better, because there is a greater closeness to earth with man than there is with God. But, God and the Torah still have the largest place in Judaism, regardless of their truthfulness....
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