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Revolute This 2 - The Rerevolution

Revolute This 2 - The Rerevolution - Jordan Spitzer COML...

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Jordan Spitzer COML 1109 FWS – Black & White Music Tourism Before, Institutionalization After Before the Cuban revolution, Afrocuban musical forms and styles were as unwanted as a rained out game of the World Series. However, as with almost anything, change through time always clears the way for more tolerance and acceptance. In pre-Revolution Cuba, many well- known Afrocuban rhythms and beats and musical styles were prominent in the Afrocuban community. While not accepted by Whites or mixed Cubans or mulattos, they still prevailed with Afrocubans and Blacks. Yet, the Cuban State did not approve of these styles. As with many revolutions, many changes are brought about as a result, of either a victory or a defeat. However, as a result, while its attitude did change, for the good as a whole, it has also had some negative effects on the musical forms. It has brought both positive and negative changes to Afrocuban as well as hybrid rhythms in Cuba and the surrounding culture. In this essay, I examine a number of factors indicating changes in the attitude of the Cuban State toward Afro- Cuban musical forms, for the better and for the worse. The Cuban institution of music was a positive change that the Cuban State brought about after the Revolution. Before the Revolution, musicians were technically unemployed. They earned no official salary, and their unofficial salaries were unstable. Some years, a musician can earn only half of what he or she earned the previous year. Though, with the vast amount of
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tourism in Cuba, musicians still were pretty well off. However, with the institutionalization of music, musicians no longer needed to rely on tourism. The Cuban State officially
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