Jew Log Week 3 - odd calling me by a different name as did I but it became less odd after some time had passed and by the end of the week it

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Jordan Spitzer Week 3 In having others call me by my Hebrew name, I found it to be both a rewarding experience as well as quite an odd one. When people would call me Rafael, which I believe is my Hebrew name, I felt, in many ways, superior to others, because I had two names, and I was being called a different name than I was used to. For example, when one would call me by my Hebrew name, it would take me some time to respond, since I was not used to people calling me by that name, and then by the time I would respond, it would feel like calling me by my Hebrew name was a waste of time, because the response time was so long. In addition, I believe that others, as in family and roommates and other acquaintances, felt
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Unformatted text preview: odd calling me by a different name, as did I, but it became less odd after some time had passed, and by the end of the week, it started to become more natural. Also, I found that my Hebrew name means something along the lines of a healing angel of some kind. This I found even more peculiar, as this attribute does not at all describe me. Both parts I find quite the quandary, as have others. However, I feel that the meaning of one’s Hebrew name is not at all a reflection on that person, but rather just a meaning that is completely unrelated to that person’s personality and lifestyle. A person can be describes by their thoughts and their actions, and not their name....
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