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Jordan Spitzer COML 1109 The Danzón Racial Tension? Cuba is home to many well known rhythms and beats and musical styles. Some of these include the son, the rumba, the guaracha, the clave, the yambú, and even styles such as ‘teatro vernáculo,’ or vernacular theater. But, among all of these rhythms and styles is one called the danzón. The danzón, which has been around for over 100 years, is a traditional Cuban rhythm that originated from the form contredanza, a Creole-oriented form of the style from which it originated, the contredanse, which is an old English dance form from the countryside. The danzón, over its course has inspired many Cuban musicians, including Chucho Valdés and Arturo Sandoval. However, also over the past 100 years of its existence, has brought upon a great deal of both biracial harmony and biracial tension. It has brought both good and bad ties to Whites and Blacks in Cuba and the surrounding culture. There are many instances and a handful of evidence that support this idea. The Cuban origins with slave owners and creoles, the quarrels between races over the racial integrity of the dance, and the exclusion of whites in the realm of the danzón all point to the larger idea that the danzón is a Cuban rhythm filled with black and white race relations. The danzón’s Cuban origins are controversial in race and ethnicity. When the danzón’s predecessor, the contredanse, was first created, white aristocrats in Europe were those who
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enjoyed the dance. In fact, the French planters enjoyed the dance so much, that they decided to bring the dance to Cuba during the revolt of their slaves. And, of course, these slaves were
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Fun With Fidel - Jordan Spitzer COML 1109 FWS Black White...

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