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Jazz Wild Strawberry 2 - Jazz Wild Raspberry

Jazz Wild Strawberry 2 - Jazz Wild Raspberry - Jordan...

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Jordan Spitzer COML 1109 FWS – Black & White Music Jazz Isn’t Black? Are there genres of music that are completely occupied by multiple races? Is not rock n’ roll a biracial music? Is it not a white music as well as a black music? Jazz, one of the greatest and oldest forms since the dawn of time and since the beginning of these United States of America respectively, is on trial in the debate on its racial identity. While there are many reasons to support that jazz is black, there are even more reasons to support that jazz is entirely not a black music. There are many theories and a handful of evidence that support this idea. The white and European origins of jazz, the existence of prominent white jazz musicians, and the acceptance of white musicians by the prominent black musicians all point to the larger idea that jazz is not exclusively a black music. While jazz may or may not be a black music, many argue it to be purely a black music. Prominent figures such as Amiri Baraka, author of Blues People , and Wynton Marsalis, jazz musician and Jazz at the Lincoln Center director, are two who believe in this stance. Baraka attests to the fact that the roots of jazz rest entirely on the African people, who founded the predecessor to blues, which was the predecessor to jazz. He also argues that rhythmically and tonally, African music and jazz music come from the same origins. Also, Marsalis, in an interview with James Lincoln Collier, declares that jazz comes from the “American Negro
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culture.” However, while the roots and spirit of jazz may be predominantly black, jazz as music is still not purely black.
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