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Jordan Spitzer COML 1109 Jazz Isn’t Black? Are there genres of music that are completely occupied by multiple races? Is rock n’ roll a biracial music? Is it a white music as well as a black music? Rock n’ roll, however, is not important in this context. Jazz, one of the greatest and oldest forms since the dawn of time and since the beginning of these United States of America respectively, is assumed not to be a black music. While there are many reasons to support that jazz is black, there are even more reasons to
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Unformatted text preview: support that jazz is entirely not a black music. There are many theories and a handful of evidence that support this idea. The theories that jazz is derived from blues and blues is derived from African music, that blues and African music sound alike compositionally and dynamically, and that White jazz musicians got no respect in the much larger black jazz scene all point to the larger idea that jazz is a black music . The idea that jazz is derived from blues, which came fro...
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