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International Econ - 1. Durvergers Law a) Strategic voting...

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1. Durverger’s Law a) Strategic voting is voting for someone not in your top preference in order to affect the outcome of the race. b) Duverger’s Law states that the simple-majority single-ballot system that is also known as the first past the post favors a two-party system. This law will affect the district level because the constituent is only concerned of the election in their district. c) Duverger’s Law tends to work because of the effects of the single member district and its mechanical and psychological tendencies. The mechanical side of Duverger’s law is that the larger parties tend to get seats. This in turn prevents the smaller parties from getting a seat, which makes the vote for that district only represent the larger party. This can lead to disproportionally in which voters will only vote for the party in which they know will win continuing the disproportionality between smaller and larger parties. This leads to the psychological effect of the strategic behavior by the voters to strategically vote for the larger party so they don’t have a wasted vote. This is the same idea that elites have in that they will not put money into a campaign that will lose. Both the voters and elites know that the larger party will win seats so it is in their best interests to support them. d) The criticism of Duverger’s direction of causality is that the number of parties in society effects the election not the other way around. This is looked at to be wrong because he is saying that the party system determines the electoral system therefore once a party has power it will continue to keep the rules that they prefer so that it continues to keep them in a position of power Furthermore, Duverger’s Law looks to electoral systems to be an unimportant variable as to why countries have two parties. Instead it is seen that Duverger should have concentrated on cleavages instead of electoral parties. He sees the reason that there are or
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International Econ - 1. Durvergers Law a) Strategic voting...

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