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Dupee 1 Jack Dupee October 13, 2010 English 9:05-9:55 Professor Hudson Emotional Decisions Are Usually Not the Best The average American obtains numerous loans throughout his or her lifetime. The educational system today relies heavily on this loaning process to finance students. Whether students obtain government student loans or go to the private sector, we must get enough money to pay for our education. We are now able to go to our dream college that we cannot afford and get a degree that we have always wanted by simply taking out student loans. In “Placing the Blame as Students Are Buried in Debt,” Ron Lieber shows how our desire to learn can cause us to borrow more money than we will be able to pay back with our income. Lieber believes that colleges should take partial responsibility and should start advising students about the amount of debt incurred before graduation. He uses emotions of his audience, assumptions, and style to persuade his audience. Lieber’s emotionally stylistic article illustrates how Americans act emotionally instead of logically when it comes to decision-making. Throughout the article, Lieber continuously appeals to his audience's emotions to persuade them to agree with his argument that colleges are partially responsible for the vast amount of student loan debt. The article is an emotional story about Ms. Munna. Ms. Munna is a NYU graduate making close to minimum wage. She is sunk in close to six figures of student debt, none of which she got advising about from NYU. Lieber is able to persuade the readers to feel sorry for Ms. Munna by bringing in the fact such as “Ms. Munna’s father died when she was
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Dupee 2 13, after a series of illnesses,” which is not fully related to her student debt situation. Lieber’s use of sympathy to persuade his audience shows how Americans make decisions. He does this by using emotional appeals effectively to make the audience feel empathetic for the Ms. Munna's
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finalPaper2 - Dupee 1 Jack Dupee English 9:05-9:55...

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