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Under Armour Basketball Shoe Proposal By: Jamie Wang – Director of Marketing As the fastest growing sports company, we have gathered high influence and developed our image as one of the top sports apparel providers in North America. We have specialized in our signature tight apparel, however Under Armour has been expanding into more common sports apparel such as t-shirts, hats, and wrist/headbands. Now that we have developed a respected brand name I believe we have the capabilities to enter the cross-training and basketball shoe market. Our approach in entering the market for our other products should apply similarly to running and basketball shoes. Up until now our target market has adhered to the baseball, football, and overall fitness market. Within these markets we already have baseball and football cleats, which have sold successfully. Our target market will be all athletes. All athletes require running shoes, which are often interchangeable for basketball shoes. We will target all athletes with higher level incomes,
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