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Exercise E5-15 - c Cost of goods sold $1,510 d Purchase...

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1 Running Head: CH. 5 TEXTBOOK EXERCISES Ch. 5 Textbook Exercises Ricardo E. Mendoza University of Phoenix Debbie Luna ACC 281 Financial Accounting Transactions September 21, 2010
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2 Ch. 5 Textbook Exercises Below is a series of cost of goods sold sections for companies B, F, L, and R. Fill in the lettered blanks to complete the cost of goods sold sections a. Net Purchases - $1,560 b. Cost of goods purchased - $1,670
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Unformatted text preview: c. Cost of goods sold - $1,510 d. Purchase returns and allowances - $50 e. Freight-in - $250 f. Ending inventory - $120 g. Purchases - $6,500 h. Freight –in - $1,730 i. Cost of goods available for sale - $8,940 j. Beginning Inventory - $6,200 k. Purchase returns and allowances - $2,500 l. Cost of goods purchased - $43,330...
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