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Student Guide BUS/415 Version 8 1 Week Two Student Guide Week Two introduces the concept of tort liability for intentional and unintentional acts and omissions. The chapters explain different kinds of tort liability, including product liability, and acquaint you with possible defenses to a tort action. The chapter on agency explains how one person’s acts may be binding upon another person or a business. This week also shows how a staff member’s acts or omissions may result in liability for a business, even when acts occur outside the business. The information on agency is relevant to the chapters on business organizations and contracts, as most business in the United States is conducted through agents. Torts OBJECTIVE: Assess business situations for tort liability and defenses.
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Unformatted text preview: Resources: Ch. 6 & 18 of The Legal Environment of Business and Online Commerce Content • Torts and Strict Liability o Intentional Torts Against Persons o Unintentional Torts (Negligence) o Special Negligence Doctrines o Strict Liability and Product Liability • Agency Law o Agency o Formation of An Agency o Principal’s and Agent’s Duties o Tort Liability to Third Parties o Contract Liability to Third Parties o Independent Contractor o Termination of an Agency Note. The information above is intended to help you complete your assignments. Read chapters in their entirety, as indicated in the syllabus. Additional information from sections not outlined above may be needed for classroom discussions....
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