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Student Guide BUS/415 Version 8 1 Week Three Student Guide This week’s readings are about the ways contracts are formed, performed, and enforced. Students learn how to evaluate a contract for the presence of essential elements of enforceability. Readings also explain the application of the Uniform Commercial Code to resolve contract disputes regarding the sale of goods and leased property, and explaining common forms of property ownership. Because contracts are an integral part of doing business, students will relate this week’s topics to business organizations, agency, and employment law. Contracts and Commerce OBJECTIVE: Describe the elements of a valid contract. Resources: Ch. 9–11 of The Legal Environment of Business and Online Commerce Content Formation of Traditional and E-Contracts o Definition of Contract o E-Commerce and E-Contracts o Classification of Contracts o Requirements of a Contract o Agreement: Offer and Acceptance o Consideration o Capacity to Contract o Legality
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BUS415r8_Week_3_Student_Guide - Student Guide BUS/415...

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