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Student Guide BUS/415 Version 8 1 Week Four Student Guide Week Four readings cover the forms of business organizations in the United States. The readings explain the considerations involved in the choice of a business organization, and the resulting requirements. The readings also cover securities regulation, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which was enacted in response to the recent Enron scandal. Because every American business is one of these organizations, it is vital to develop a fundamental understanding of this week’s topics. Business Organizations OBJECTIVE: Differentiate business entities by their advantages and disadvantages. Resources: Ch. 14, 15, & 17 of The Legal Environment of Business and Online Commerce Content Entrepreneurship and Small Business o Entrepreneurship o Sole Proprietorship o General Partnership o Limited Partnership LLCs, LLPs, and Global Forms of Business o Limited Liability Company (LLC) o Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) o Franchise o License o
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BUS415r8_Week_4_Student_Guide - Student Guide BUS/415...

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