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Student Guide BUS/415 Version 8 1 Week Five Student Guide This week, readings provide an overview of laws that must be observed by employers in hiring, firing, paying, and protecting employees, and recognizing employees’ rights. This week’s chapters also set forth regulations that must be observed to protect authors, inventors, consumers, investors, and the environment. This week’s information fills out the basic understanding of business law by covering employment, environmental, and other regulations that must be understood by business managers. Employment Law Government Regulations OBJECTIVE: Describe the evolution of employment law. Resources: Ch. 19 of The Legal Environment of Business and Online Commerce Content Equal Opportunity in Employment o Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 o Race, Color and National Origin Discrimination o Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment o Religious Discrimination o Defenses to a Title VII Action o Equal Pay Act o Age Discrimination in Employment Act
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BUS415r8_Week_5_Student_Guide - Student Guide BUS/415...

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