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Ch.16 Meteorites Meteor - the visual streak of light associated with the passage of a small meteoroid through Earth’s atmosphere; the heat energy producing the light is a result of friction between the object and molecules of air. Fireball - the light associated with a large meteoroid or asteroid as it interacts with the atmosphere. Meteoroid -a natural rocky object in space ; it can measure up to 100 m in diameter Asteroid -has the same definition except it measures 100 m and greater in diameter. Meteorite -the recovered fragment (any size), either of a meteoroid or an asteroid, which has survived transit through the atmosphere and landed on Earth. Please remember – it is NOT called a meteorite until it is on Earth’s surface. Shooting stars -curious spherical particles, the remains of micrometeoroids that melted in the atmosphere. These are the very specks that produce the flashes of light we see shooting across the sky at night. Usually 1 mm in diameter. Interplanetary Dust -Concentrated along the ecliptic plane within the planetary orbits are countless billions of micron-sized particles in orbit around Sun; are the Solar System's smallest meteoroids. They are composed of silicate minerals (like those found in Earth's rocks). Micrometeorites -2 possible sources when interplanetary dust is over with. One is Asteroids (the asteroid belt). They collide which breaks the asteroids into smaller peaces which in turn collide creating smaller bodies. The second source are comets. They trail dusty tails as they rush toward Sun. Meteor Showers-
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Ch.6_study_guide[2] - Ch.16Meteorites Meteorthe visual...

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