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ans_hw2 - Homework#2 Answers Page 170-176(Kurose and Ross...

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Homework #2 Answers Page 170-176 (Kurose and Ross) Review Questions: 6 and 8 Problems: 6, 8, and 25 Review Question : 6 You would use UDP. With UDP, the transaction can be completed in one roundtrip time (RTT) - the client sends the transaction request into a UDP socket, and the server sends the reply back to the client's UDP socket. With TCP, a minimum of two RTTs are needed - one to set-up the TCP connection, and another for the client to send the request, and for the server to send back the reply. Review Question : 8 a) Reliable data transfer TCP provides a reliable byte-stream between client and server but UDP does not. b) A guarantee that a certain value for throughput will be maintained Neither c) A guarantee that data will be delivered within a specified amount of time Neither
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d) Security Neither Problem : 6 a) Persistent connections are discussed in section 8 of RFC 2616 (the real goal of this question was to get you to retrieve and read an RFC). Sections 8.1.2 and of the RFC indicate that either the client or the server can indicate to the other
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