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Song Speech

Song Speech - Then I turned off all the lights stacked...

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Intro: Have you ever made a bad decision? My roommates did. The song “Feel the Music” by Jonathon Peters reminds me of the night that my roommates learned a valuable lesson. Don’t MESS with me when I’m sleeping. Body: The story begins by my roommates banging on my door 3 separate times because I went to bed at 2am instead of 4am. I told them to stop, they didn’t listen, so I sprinted out to chase them. I laid back down. They came again, but this time they took speaker wire and tied it from my door knob to the bathroom door knob so I couldn’t get out. I ripped through it and chased them again. Once again, I lay down and they come back. This time I was heated, I ran out with a jump rope I use for boxing. They stacked furniture in front of me so I couldn’t get to them. I jump it and chase them again. Now I’ve had enough, NOW its war. I go back in my room and put on all black clothing.
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Unformatted text preview: Then I turned off all the lights, stacked every piece of furniture in the APT in front of their door, and I turned on this song full blast. I hid behind the wall next to the stack of furniture. I hear them looking at and talking about the furniture, just then I take one huge jump and fly over all the furniture onto my roommates. We started fighting after that. If they weren’t scared from the music, trust me they were scared from that. Conclusion: Overall, I think my roommates learned their lesson. Don’t mess with me when I’m sleeping. Maybe someday in the future when I have kids I’ll scare the heck out of them when don’t do their homework or something. That’ll be funny. But ultimately, the song “feel the music” by Jonathan Peters, til this day, reminds me and my roommates of the time they made a bad decision, of messing with me when I’m sleeping....
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