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Homework #5 Answers Each problem/question worth 20 points Page 501-508 (Kurose and Ross) Review Questions: 2, 11 and 14 Problems: 5 and 17 Review Question: 2 Although each link guarantees that an IP datagram sent over the link will be received at the other end of the link without errors, it is not guaranteed that IP datagrams will arrive at the ultimate destination in the proper order. With IP, datagrams in the same TCP connection can take different routes in the network, and therefore arrive out of order. TCP is still needed to provide the receiving end of the application the byte stream in the correct order. Also, IP can lose packets due to routing loops or equipment failures.
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Unformatted text preview: Review Question: 11 No, it is not possible. Each LAN has its own distinct set of adapters attached to it, with each adapter having a unique LAN address. Review Question: 14 After the 5th collision, the adapter chooses from {0, 1, 2,…, 31}. The probability that it chooses 4 is 1/32. It waits 204.8 microseconds. Problem: 5 If we divide 10011 into 1010101010 0000, we get 1011011100 , with a remainder of R= 0100. Note that, G=10011 is CRC-4-ITU standard. Problem: 17 Wait for 51,200 bit times. For 10 Mbps, this wait is (5.12 * 10 3 ) bits / (10 * 10 6 ) bps = 5.12 ms (millisecond) For 100 Mbps, the wait is 512 μs (microsecond)....
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ans_hw5 - Review Question 11 No it is not possible Each LAN...

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