HW1 - Homework #1 Answers Page 67-75 (Kurose and Ross)...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework #1 Answers Page 67-75 (Kurose and Ross) Review Questions: 18, 19, and 27 Problems: 5 and 24 Review Question : 18 (10 points) a) 10msec b) d/s c) no d) no Review Question : 19 (10 points) a) 500 kbps b) 64 seconds [(4*10^6 * 8)/(500*10^3 ) = 64] c) 100kbps; 320 seconds Review Question : 27 (10 points) Creation of a botnet requires an attacker to find vulnerability in some application or system (e.g. exploiting the buffer overflow vulnerability that might exist in an application). After finding the vulnerability, the attacker needs to scan for hosts that are vulnerable. The target is basically to compromise a series of systems by exploiting that particular vulnerability. Any system that is part of the botnet can automatically scan its environment and propagate by exploiting the vulnerability. An important property of such botnets is that the originator of the botnet can remotely control and issue commands to all the nodes in the botnet. Hence, it becomes possible for the attacker to issue a command to all the nodes, that target a single node (for example,botnet....
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HW1 - Homework #1 Answers Page 67-75 (Kurose and Ross)...

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