Harris Unit 3 Assignment

Harris Unit 3 Assignment - economic growth. Several...

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MT140 Unit 3 Assignment 1 MT140 Unit 3 Assignment Daniel Harris Kaplan University
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MT140 Unit 3 Assignment 2 One of Sandwich Blitz strengths would be their experience in the business. Sandwich Blitz will not have to confront a lot of the additional problems that they could have encountered as brand- new business owners like licensing, tax paperwork, and financial support. One of Sandwich Blitz weakness would be that of the long-term pattern of alternating periods of economic growth and decline. While they have the desire to grow and expand, expanding again may not be the best choice for them during this time period. They might face very difficult times if they neglect to strategically obtain a superior location. An opportunity for Sandwich Blitz is that of the current
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Unformatted text preview: economic growth. Several commercial real estate companies are feeling the pinch of the downturn in the economic system and at the same time they have been pressured to lower more asking and renting costs for their properties. This could be a great opportunity for Sandwich Blitz to find a location for a really low rate. One of the threats of taking on a large scale expansion is that of surrounding competitors. If they chose to move forward with this large scale expansion they will be in a location where there are several other dining choices available for their potential clients. Other threat would be the growth of the deteriorating manpower in the Atlanta; this could adversely impact them in the long run....
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Harris Unit 3 Assignment - economic growth. Several...

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