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Names that may appear in Midterm 1

Names that may appear in Midterm 1 - Carbonization...

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Names that may appear in Midterm 1 I usually list only scientific names for families, genera and species. However, there have not been too many such names so far. So I made a compromise and list some technical terms that will appear in the exam questions. Use this list to guess which lecture question will be asked. I did not include those word that I consider common terms. Biological species concept Biostratigraphy Body regional variation
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Unformatted text preview: Carbonization Evolutionary species concept Fossilization Geomagnetic polarity chron Homonym Index fossil Isotope ratio Ontogenetic variation Permineralization Relative age Sexual dimorphism Sympatric speciation I also expect you to know the following relative ages. Cenozoic Cretaceous Mesozoic Paleozoic Precambrian Triassic The following people will be mentioned in the exam. Curvier Da Vinci Darwin Steno...
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