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9/22/10 1 EXB 101 Exercise Physiology Fall, 2010 Sue C. Bodine, PhD James D. Shaffrath, MD* Room 187 Briggs Hall Room 269 Hickey Gym 752-0694 752-0704 scbodine@ucdavis.edu jdshaffrath@ucdavis.edu * Contact Person for Administrative Matters AV materials supported in part by a grant from UC Davis Teaching Resources Center, Undergraduate Instructional Improvement Program Welcome!! Introduction of Course Faculty: Sue Bodine Jim Shaffrath Philip Matern EXB 101: Pre-requisite Courses : NPB 101 (or equivalent) - NPB 101 May be taken concurrently (caution, cuidado ) - Some Biochemistry / Bioenergetics highly recommended Twin Knowledge Base for Success in EXB 101: - Systemic Physiology (NPB 101) - Cell Biology (esp. bioenergetics/ intermediary metabolism) EXB 101: Getting In…. .Getting Out • How Many Here Wish to Add EXB 101? • Good Reasons NOT to take EXB 101: – Have not taken NPB 101 (took NPB 101, barely passed) – Visiting Scholar with English as 2nd language – Taking NPB 101 and EXB 101 Concurrently – “I like to Exercise” (as a sole reason) • Practical issues in Ex Training are NOT the focus of 101 • Consider EXB 10
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9/22/10 2 Questions about Enrollment or Requirements? EXB 101: Course Administration Attendance / Absences Special Needs Students Alternate Exams Academic Probation / Documentation of Progress Athletic Travel See Shaffrath (leave Bodine alone) I am NOT the Burger King! • JDS (Shaffrath) is administrative contact person – 3 Classes, >700 students; Be Thoughtful in Email Use • Dropped by Registrar for Late Fees?? – Handouts: Settle with Registrar (Pay Fee) before Oct 6
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01_Day1OrientEXB101F10 - 9/22/10 EXB 101 Exercise...

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