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EXB 101 Study and Review Questions For each lecture, there are two types of review questions: “ Facts ” pertain to factual material (definitions, structures, processes) presented in each lecture. Review these questions soon after each lecture to see that you have retained the primary “facts” of that topic. The “ Integrative ” questions are designed to help you see the “big picture”. Often, the integrative questions will try to help you connect the “facts” of this lecture to other lectures, or to connect all of the facts into an overall model or sequence of events (such as skeletal muscle contraction), or to relate the current facts to applied/whole-body processes such as fatigue or athletic performance. In many cases, it may take several more lectures before you can fully answer the integrative questions. Integrative questions are often very helpful when studying before an exam to help you build an intellectual “framework” for all of your factual knowledge. Lecture #1: Key Concepts in Exercise Physiology
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