02-05 Review Questions F10

02-05 Review Questions F10 - EXB 101 Study and Review...

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EXB 101 Study and Review Questions Lectures #2-5: Structure and Function of Skeletal Muscle Facts 1. Name three unique features of skeletal muscle. 2. Name the connective tissue sheaths that surround the whole muscle?, the fascicles? The muscle fibers? 3. Name the two membranes that surround each muscle fiber? Which of the membrane is a semi- permeable lipid bilayer? 4. What is a myonuclei? Where are they located in the muscle cell? 5. What is a satellite cell? Where is a satellite cell? How does its presence influence skeletal muscle response to damage, compared to cardiac muscle (which lacks such cells)? 6. Describe the organization of muscle from whole muscle to sarcomere? What is the difference between a myofiber and a myofibril? 7. What determines the size (cross-sectional area) of a fiber? 8. Describe or Draw the structure of a single sarcomere. Identify the bands and lines seen on light microscopy, including A and I bands, Z line, and H zone. Can you relate these to the different contractile proteins and their positions? During a contraction, how do the sizes of these bands change? 9.
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02-05 Review Questions F10 - EXB 101 Study and Review...

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