EXB 110 Assignment 2

EXB 110 Assignment 2 - Rajdeep S Kular EXB 110 Aldrin Gomes...

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Rajdeep S . Kular EXB 110 Aldrin Gomes Assignment 2 Effects of Exercise on Metabolism in Pregnant Women The guidelines for maternal exercise on metabolism during pregnancy are contradictory as exercise can deem to be beneficial and harmful during pregnancy . At times when pregnancy feels like a burden, exercise can increase your energy levels and promote less pain and stress . Not only does it make you feel better, appropriate exercise and a proper diet can help ease the hardships of pregnancy and birth . Pregnancy can be a stressful time for women as the body goes through many changes . The weight gain and the other physical changes can start to take a toll on the body . Hormones account for all the changes, including weight gain during pregnancy . Metabolism is another important change during pregnancy which is also related to hormones and weight gain . During the nine months of a pregnancy, metabolism increases so that the body provides adequate nourishment for both the fetus and the mother . Thus, it is important that pregnant woman eat a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat for the proper growth and well-being of the fetus and mother . An average woman gains 25 pounds during the pregnancy in order to support the pregnancy . The additional weight can be overwhelming and can cause a feeling of insecurity in one’s body and one of the easiest ways to cope with this type of insecurity and stress is by exercising . Exercise during pregnancy increases sense of control of
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EXB 110 Assignment 2 - Rajdeep S Kular EXB 110 Aldrin Gomes...

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