Alarice Mollari - Biography Alarice Mollari was born on...

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Biography Alarice Mollari was born on Coruscant to parents she would never come to know. She ended up orphaned early on and as a child started off her early years in a prominent orphanage on Coruscant. Alarice was adopted at the age of 5 by a prominent military commander in the Galactic Republic Navy named Cornelius Mollari. Cornelius was an Vice Admiral and in charge of the defenses around Coruscant. Growing up she was never a troubled youth, she maintained the discipline that Cornelius expected her to maintain and attended some of the finest schools on Coruscant. She attended many gatherings and military balls with her father and despite not being his real child, she was never treated differently. On many occasions she met some of the highest dignitaries in the Republic and eventually established a name for herself, which would prove useful later on in life. As she reached the proper age, she began to show great interest in pursuing a military career, so Cornelius entered her into the Galactic Republic Military Academy at the age of 15. Entry into Galactic Republic Academy Despite Republic laws against discrimination of aliens or near-humans, she recieved her fair share during her time at the Academy, not only for being near-human but also for being female. Having entered in when she was 15 and being commissioned at the age of 19 made her a prime target for jealousy and slander, but despite all that she rose above it and made the Commandants List and graduated with honors. Despite her grand scores on tests and excellent proficiency as an Officer-Candidate, things weren't always peaches and cream for Alarice, she was nearly expelled her Junior year for disobeying orders during a simulated battle. During a mission to rescue civilians from pirates raiding their village, Alarice's team leader was unable to decide the proper course of action and became what some would call "battle shocked". Alarice decided against orders to take action and lead her team to victory against the pirates and saved the civilians, as well as the members of her own team. Many of her teammates quoted her as saying "If the man in command above me won't do his job, then get the hell out of my way and let me do mine" Alarice was taken to a mock court-martial where all the evidence was presented to include her quote, this caught the attention of Commandant Monroe. The Commandant quickly dismissed the charges against the young woman and stated that she was a shining example to all Officers and Officer-Candidates alike. After graduation, Alarice would move on as an Ensign to the Coruscant Defense Fleet, under the command of her father, Admiral Cornelius Mollari. The Clone Wars Seperatists Crisis
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For decades, numerous planets, species, and groups had been trying to reduce the power of the Galactic Senate, lower or eliminate taxes, grant graft in exchange for political favors, or withdraw from the Republic for various isolationist or xenophobic reasons. Spurred by the disillusioned Count Dooku and the failure of the Senate to even vote on the Financial Reform
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Alarice Mollari - Biography Alarice Mollari was born on...

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