Final Essay Media - Final Essay Week 9 Part One Allow me to...

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Final Essay – Week 9 – Part One Allow me to be creative and put this in a roleplaying format since I am the Chief Editor of the New York Reporter, I shall address this issue as such and deliver my response in an essay format but put it as if I were indeed that individual. As we all know, media has changed over the last century and has grown to levels beyond what even our grandparents thought would be possible. You can now look at your phone, browse the internet and receive instant messages of breaking news as it hits the wires, if we look back a century ago and thought anything of this caliber was possible, we would have been locked away for many years and deemed insane. That being said, it has been said that one of our own has been fabricating sources and making up facts to enhance stories and perhaps misleading readers into believing the material that we print, first and foremost allow me to apologize for this misleading information and explain what true media is about. At the New York Reporter, we have a responsibility in our role of media in delivering accurate and factual news to the public. It is critical we ensure we keep that valued trust between our readers and our establishment because the news we report can mean a variety of things, anything ranging from life to even someone’s death. We must ensure all stories are factual, the sources are true and defined and by far legitimate, because
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Final Essay Media - Final Essay Week 9 Part One Allow me to...

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